On-farm technical advice to farmers and companies. Organized trainings to farmers, graduates, company leads and other clients. Practical commercialization of farming and animal husbandry. Also we have world class team for conducting trials on behalf of clients and provide realiable data for regulations and business decisions.

We focus on:

  1. Crop protection options (Fungicides, Insecticides, Nematicides, Herbicides, Seed Care and Post harvest handling)
  2. Drip irrigation in both horticultural and agronomic crops
  3. Use of high quality seeds (Vegetable seeds, Maize seeds, Beans etc)
  4. Land preparation and land management
  5. Staking in most horticultural crops
  6. Correct and Safe use of agrochemicals
  7. Advanced fertigation techniques
  8. Advanced crop management techniques
  9. Advanced crop planning techniques
  10. Integrated local poultry and piggery techniques
  11. Nursery establsihment and management techniques
  12. Crop calendarization and marketing techniques
  13. Many more correct and good agricultural practices (GAPs)
  14. Any other Agricultural Related Tasks


EPINAV AGRICULTURAL SOLUTIONS (EAS) is ambitious and innovative agricultural firm that turning the small scale and unreliable piggery and horticultural industry on its head...

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  • Epinav Agricultural Solutions (EAS),
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  • Email: info@eas.co.tz


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